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Free Clipart Photo of a Child in a Chicken Suit for Halloween

Free Clipart Photo of a Child in a Chicken Suit for Halloween

Surfdoggie's Review:

This is a free photo in a clipart size showing a little girl, a child, dressed in a chicken suit, holding a halloween Jack-O-Lantern candy basket, and trying to unwrap a piece of candy.

This clipart picture may not be used in any manner that woul dharm the reputation of the child. The photo may only be used for free by providing a link back to this page from each page on which the image is placed.

This photo is also available as high resolution stock photography by following the link above. You may also purchase a poster art print.

This image is offered for free use in two sizes. You are responsible for your use and any liabilities it may cause. A link back is required.

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