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The Whole Internet Guide To Clipart: Animal Pictures & Clip Art

Welcome to the Whole Internet Guide To Clipart!

In most cases, when you click on the links you will go directly to the page with the pictures. Make sure that you read any restriction notices. Usually you are allowed to use the pictures for personal use but not for commercial use. If you are a web designer or graphic artist and need a good source for commercial images, I suggest the clipart and font's what I use. And hey... DON'T FORGET TO BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! You know you'll need it again.

Animal pictures & clipart: zebras, turtles, tiger, dog

Page Contents:

Page 2: dog, whales, cat, seal, fish, animated gifs
Page 3: turtle, dog, cat, parrot, lion cub, seal, animated gifs
Page 4: ferrets, dolphins
Page 5: unicorn, bird, rat, mouse
Page 6: cat, kitten, kitty, feline, calico
Page 7: bird, frog, cricket
Page 8: bear, panda bear, icons, polar bear, bird, rooster, chicken
Page 9: bug, ladybugs, butterfly, ant, icons, leapard, cats, dogs, poodle
Page 10: fish, shark, icons, frog, rabbit, alligator, sheep, snail, spider
Page 11: cheetah, animated gifs, dog, moose, dolphin
Page 12: dogs, puppies, puppy, dalmatians, animation, animated gifs
Page 13: butterfly, butterflies
Page 14: panda bear, dog, wolf, giraffe, chipmunk
Page 15: deer, mouse, wolf, wolves, fish, pony, cats, spider, dog, dolphin

Other animal clip art links:

  •; An incredible selection of high quality art! The animal clipart here is often resolution independent so it can be used at any size and the selection is awesome!
  • Animal; provides original, free animal clipart and other animal clip art resources.
  • Acclaim Stock Photography; Some outstanding web graphics and stock photography available here with a very nice selection of animals. These stock photos are of excellent quality and are suitable for commercial use in advertising and print publication. All topics are covered.
  • PicturesOf.Net; PicturesOf.Net offers fantastic, original pictures of animals of all kinds that you can send as greeting cards, set as wallpaper, or use on your web site by providing a repicrocal link.
  • IconBazaar Animals; nearly 100 great icons of birds, bears, bugs, camels, lions, tigers and other cats, dogs, fish, frogs, a rabbit, lizards, a turtle, snakes, sheep, snails, and spiders.

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